Kitimat Pipe Band

Pipe Major Jack Geddis taught pipers in Kitimat and founded the band in 1960.  The Thom Family of Lakelse Dairy and the Royal Canadian Legion sponsored the Band.  Members also raised $10,000 through raffles, dances, and other events to purchase uniforms tailored in Scotland.  The Buchanan tartan was chosen.

In the early years before the cenotaph was constructed at City Centre, the Pipe Band would march from the fire hall to the high school for the Remembrance Day ceremony in the gymnasium.  The band also piped in the July 1st parades, at installations of executive officers for the Legion, and was well known and well-traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest.  The band performed at the PNE in Vancouver, the Kelowna Regatta, the Penticton Peach Festival, Ketchikan, Alaska Fourth of July celebration, Smither's Fall Fair, and occasions in Terrace and Prince Rupert.  Members piped in the haggis annually at the Burns' Night banquet and dance, in celebration of the birth of poet Robert Burns.

Jack Geddis retired in the mid-1960s and left for his former home, Belfast, Ireland.  Twenty-five pipers and drummers were on hand at the Terrace Airport to pipe him aboard his plane.

Ron Marshall became Pipe Major and his son joined the band.  When Ron moved to Kelowna, Bill Hickey became Pipe Major. Mr. Geddis' daughter Moreen Geddis Graham joined the band.  Mr. Geddis's sons-in-law, Drum Sergeant Ron Graham and Side Drummer Bob Tinsley were also in the Band.  With younger members leaving for college, the Kitimat Pipe Band eventually folded circa 1968. 

Original Members:

Pipe Major

Jack Geddis

Tenor drums

George Thom


Maurice Girard

Bass drums

Eric MacIntyre


Paddy Smith

Drum Major

Art Cassidy


James Young

Drum Sergeant

Ron Graham

Snare drums

Mike Brady Sr.


Bill Mosdell


Bob Tinsley


Doreen Richards


Jim Thom


Malcolm (Scotty) MacIntyre


Bill MacIntyre


Sheila Sinclair


Mary Wright


Morag Watson


Jackie Miller


Mary McKay


Arthur Gooding


Moreen Geddis Graham


Lynne Cassidy.

Kitimat Pipe Band