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Alcan Project History

Kitimat was the place to be in North America in the 1950s. The massive Alcan project in the northwest British Columbia was completed in just five years - dam, tunnel, powerhouse, Kemano, transmission line, smelter, and Kitimat. Browse through Kitimat history with these project images - a BC digital collection. The project was one of the most photographed and filmed construction jobs in BC history.

District of Kitimat Celebrating 60 Years of Community 1953 to 2013

In 2013, the Kitimat Museum & Archives worked with the District of Kitimat, and the Recreation Department, to select images commemorating 60 years of Community in the town of Kitimat. The display can physically be seen on display in the hallway of Riverlodge Recreation Centre.

For more documented details behind many of these photos, and more, see the exhibition, Settling In: Highlighting 50 Years of Kitimat's History

Settling In: Highlighting 50 Years of Kitimat's History

'Settling In: Highlighting 50 Years of Kitimat's History Exhibition', was shown at the Kitimat Museum & Archives in 2003.

"To the youngsters, Kitimat presents a pleasing blend of modern, urban, recreational facilities in a wild-west, wilderness setting.  To the adults, it offers physical grandeur, unexcelled hunting and fishing, neighbourliness, dependence, and the genuine friendships of a new community." Canadian Geographical Journal 1959

What makes a town? What makes Kitimat unique? In the final analysis, Kitimat citizens have made the community. This exhibition attempts to show the public face of Kitimat. 

Kitimat Skates

Kitimat Skates was a local component that supplemented the Canadian Museum of History's traveling exhibition, 'Lace Up! Canada's Passion for Skating'.

The Kitimat Museum & Archives supplemented the national museum exhibition with sixty years of Kitimat skating history.  Did you know that the first skating rink was created when the municipality annually flooded the tennis courts at Nechako Centre?  And, that the inventor of Marsh Pegs used by the NHL was a long-time Kitimat resident?

Kitimat Skates was on display September 2, 2016 – November 26, 2016