Alcan Project History


Alcan Project History


Kitimat was the place to be in north America in the 1950's. The massive Alcan project in the northwest British Columbia was completed in just five years - dam, tunnel, powerhouse, Kemano, transmission line, smelter and Kitimat. Browse through Kitimat history with these project images - a BC digital collection. The project was one of the most photographed and filmed construction jobs in BC history.




The Kitimat Museum & Archives

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British Columbia trade and industry government advertisement
Clipping depicts a Provincial Government advertisement on the industrial and commercial opportunities in British Columbia focusing mostly on the natural resources such as forestry, mining, agriculture, fisheries and power.

Alcan plan map
Illustration depicts proposed development areas for the Alcan project and outlines Alcan's seven-point plan.

Kitimat-Kemano Kenney Dam
Illustration depicts the extent of the Project, from the Kenney Dam and reservoir area to the transmission line and smelter. The future tunnel or the Kemano Completion Project is also included.

Hard Hats vs. The Wilderness on the Alcan Project
Illustration depicts a map of the Alcan project area, reaching from Prince Rupert to Kenney Dam. Seen is the transmission line, Kemano power plant and the lakes of the region.

Kitimat Town Plan Topography
Photo depicts a model of Kitimat's topography with the town in situ.

Alcan Project management
Photo depicts six people standing on the Kemano Wharf. From left is Mr. K. Roestad; Mr. Percy E. Radley; Mr. McNeely DuBose; Mrs. McNeely DuBose; Mr. M.K. Madsen, M.K. Assistant Project Manager and Mr. R.E. Reed, M.K. Area Engineer.

Carl Agar and Bill McLeod with Sikorsky helicopter
Photo depicts Carl Agar looking up at Bill McLeod who is piloting a Sikorsky helicopter.

Alcan on Reconnaissance
Photo depicts the men in charge of operations. From left is Vice President A.W. Whitaker Jr. seen sitting in a helicopter; Project Manager Percy E. Radley; Chief Resident Engineer John Kendrick. The three men are all taking a look at what could be a…

Worker in Kemano
Photo depicts a worker with a double-headed axe on the Alcan Project posed at a waterfall located in the Kemano area.

Surveyor in Kemano
Photo depicts a surveyor on the Alcan Project surveying and posed beside a waterfall located in the Kemano area.
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