Public Space

50% of the townsite area is public parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas.  Canadian Geographical Journal, November 1959

In addition to the green space with walkways established by the town planners, The Corporation of the District of Kitimat established parks and playgrounds.  The Cenotaph, Centennial Park, Radley Park, Hirsch Creek Park, the Giant Spruce, and Haisla Lookout - now Coghlin Park and Kemano Garden - have become popular destinations for Kitimat citizens.  Children benefited from the assortment of playground equipment provided by District Recreation and wading pools on hot summer days.

The Story of One District Park

On the recommendation of the Parks Committee in 1958, Municipal Council set aside parkland beside the Kitimat River and Haisla Bridge and named it after former B.C. Project Manager for Alcan, Percy E. Radley.  He is "the one man who has done the most locally for Kitimat" stated Reeve M. E. Gooding.  Roger Willcox, the assistant to town planner Clarence Stein, personally persuaded Mr. Radley to preserve the land "with its towering baldies that many thought should be cut down". February 2003

The Gyro Club improvement program started in 1963, included a covered picnic shelter with a barbecue pit, washroom facilities, and campground units outfitted with tables, barbecue pits, and wood.  Each Gyro and his family were assigned a unit and it was their responsibility to maintain that unit, to make sure it was clean, no damage, barbecue pit was ready to go, and an abundance of stacked wood was on hand.  Gyros were instructed to visit their units once each week.  Mr. Radley attended the opening by the Gyros, August 28, 1965.

Public Space